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A person only matures by remembering not by forgetting. By remembering the tragedy of the genocide of Pont's inhabitants that at the youngest  has reached as distant echo from the narrations of parents, constitutes  moral - national and religious debt, because the unburied dead Natives  of the Pont , if they do not wait for revenge, they certainly expect recognition - compurgation and symbolic burial.

The Pontiac issue is not a subject of history or museums. It is an alive issue with national and international dimensions, which the developments in the region of Eastern Mediterranean, the Pont territory and entire Europe make it topical as subject of democracy, human rights, dignity and right. It remains therefore in the live movements and in forces of Pont's inhabitants to restore him in the limelight…

At our opinion therefore, the idea that the Pontiac issue enters in a other dimension, not cultural but at last national and in world level  claiming, has finally matured.

 We Native of the Pont as individuals produced from the History, where we survived the genocides and the “national states”, we maintained the historicity and our Greek character for 2.700 years without certificates and police identification cards… Us the Pont's inhabitants that for 85 entire years the interest of our National state, that is wasted in one miserable and dead-end greececentric lust,  continues  to consider us historical fossils denying tenaciously to include   in the pages of Greek History the all History of Pontiac Hellenism.

 For this reason we city of “Drama’s” Native of the Pont dancers founded in the 19th of May 2007 the Union of “Drama’s” dancers [PYRRICHIOS] with main aims to contribute in the internationalization of the Pontiac Genocide, the incorporation of the History of Pontiac Hellenism in the books of Greek History, the foundation of Academic seat of Pontiac Hellenism in our City, the maintenance of Pontiac cultural heritage, morals and our customs, the language as well as the solidarity between the EVERYWHERE PONT'S INHABITANTS.

 Today in the Point, there are Greek-speaking regions such as [Tongias], [Matsoykas], [Ofryos] etc. Complete clues do not exist, but with mediocre calculations Greek-speaking and Turkish speaking Christians, that have Greek conscience, in the Point, exceed the 1.000.000. They have the Greek morals and customs, the Greek popular tradition, the Greek culture, daily in their majority they use the Pontiac native language, and they have same music, dance and the same songs with their brothers that live in Greece and in the former Soviet Union. The ethnologists of University of Bonn, between the 47 small nationalities that live in Turkey, discovered also the Greek-speaking Muslim women that live in the Point. Also the Turkish speaking  Muslim women with Greek national conscience.

 The Greek state still has not acted towards their existence!

 The Greek state should at last conceive that the Pontiac issue (Genocide and not only) does not only concern the Pont's inhabitants but all Hellenism.

The demand of recognition of genocide will only be transubstantiated when Turkey apologizes for what has done and we apologize from our ancestors for what we omitted to do  decades ago for their historical compurgation.

None heard the sigh that came out from the breasts the dead Pontiac natives.

Their sacrifice it is not possible to be wasted.

Many years passed and still justice has not been attributed for the destruction 1922. A lot of Greeks after 1922 accepted the new situation and named the Greek and Pontiac hearths “Lost Homelands”. Other maintained the name “Unforgettable Homelands”.

And no-one since then thinks of “Enslaved Homelands”.

Faithful therefore in our debt, being part of the Pontiac race, feeling in us all our ancestors, lighting up their impetus and continuing their work, we undertake the debt to give the command in our children us to exceed us.

Perhaps it will not take very long since we dance again [pyrrichio], in the honored earth  of our  “Homeland”…

Come with us to support the Pontiac issue.

 We owe it to our ancestors we owe it to our children.

Let the old saying coma true: Η ΡΩΜΑΝΙΑ ΚΙ ΑΝ ΕΠΕΡΑΣΕ, ΑΝΘΕΙ ΚΑΙ ΦΕΡΕΙ ΚΙ ΑΛΛΟ.